How It Works

Free Trial Session

Everyone can apply for a free trial session, it shows how our platform works and how easy it is to learn Chinese online with My Mandarin House.

Choose Your Teacher at Your Will

You are encouraged to choose teachers from our learning platform and you can choose different teachers for each learning session to experience their styles.

Book Online

It’s very easy to book courses online. Simply using the booking system makes it easy to customize your learning plans.

One-on-One Live Chinese Courses, 24/7

All our online courses are 1-on-1 live courses, it's very flexible for you to book each session based on your schedule, which ensures you an easy and convenient learning experience.

Tailor Made VIP Courses

Provide you with a “tailored” personalized online study plan. We can create Chinese language courses for your specific needs, the sector you work in and the goals you want to achieve.

Join the Mandarin House Alumni Family

You are welcome to join Mandarin House Alumni Network. No matter you are businessmen or students, our alumni service will help you to build your network and explore your opportunities with your Chinese language skills.

Real Life Chinese

Help you to speak better Mandarin faster.

Choose a Real Life Chinese course if you want to improve all of your Chinese language skills - speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary - for everyday use. These courses focus on communication. You'll use Chinese Mandarin from the first day in a relaxed setting to improve your understanding, fluency and confidence.

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Starting from:


/ session for 40 sessions

  •  Chinese language skills for work, study, travel or simply making conversation with friends.
  • Focuses on the Chinese you need to communicate well in everyday situations.
  •  Skilled and experienced teachers motivate you to develop your skills and confidence.


Help you to effectively prepare for HSK test.

If you need to pass a Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi HSK for work or study, choose a HSK preparation course to help you prepare for and pass your test. Known across the world, a HSK exam opens doors to jobs and further study. Study towards one of the world's most popular Chinese language test for work or study.

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Starting from:


/ session for 40 sessions

  • HSK is recognized as an entrance requirement by all Chinese universities.
  • HSK is also recognized by many employers as a proof of Chinese skills.
  • Mandarin House is an authorized HSK test centre.

Tailor Made Course

Learn together with experienced teachers for your specific needs.

Our dedication to your success begins when our course consultant contacts you for a personal language evaluation and it continues when our professional teachers fine-tune each session to accelerate your progress and ensure you achieve your goals. With a tailor made course, learning Chinese is fast, effective and enjoyable.

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Starting from:


/ session for 40 sessions

  • Teaching approach focuses on your individual needs to help you achieve your goals
  • Carefully structured sessions to accelerate your progress.
  • Personalized, live interactive courses with dedicated teachers.

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