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Study with an official HSK testing centre. We help you to effectively prepare for HSK test.

Known across the world, a HSK exam opens doors to jobs and further study. Study towards one of the world's most popular Chinese language test for work or study, choose a HSK preparation course to help you prepare for and pass your test.

What is the secret to passing your HSK test? At My Mandarin House, we provide HSK practice questions, HSK sample and mock tests, and intelligent vocabulary training; get to know the differences between the similar words as this is at the core of this test. You will also increase reading speed and writing skills. You can develop these skills as you take HSK preparation course.


  • HSK is recognized as an entrance requirement by all Chinese universities.
  • HSK is also recognized by many employers as a proof of Chinese skills.
  • Taking the HSK test is useful when you want to test your Chinese level or set yourself a goal to pursue.
  • Mandarin House is an authorized HSK test centre.
  • Understand the examination structure; focus on the systematic learning of core skills in addition to grammar and vocabulary.
  • The teacher will show you exactly what the HSK graders are looking for on each question. Help to an extent and gives you a better grasp.

Level 1

Study 390 core vocabularies and 51 essential sentence structures of daily topics such as greeting, day and time, asking directions, shopping for simple goods, taking a taxi, making simple appointments, etc;Accomplish the learning of vocabularies required in HSK 1 test syllabus; Pass the mock test of HSK 1.


Level 2

Study 425 core vocabularies and 34 essential sentence structures of daily topics such as weather, climate, traveling, at a hair salon, describing location and house layout, birthday celebration, etc; Accomplish the learning of vocabularies required in HSK 2 test syllabus; Pass the mock test of HSK 2.


Level 3

Accomplish the learning of 600 vocabularies required in HSK 3 test syllabus; Pass the mock test of HSK 3; Be able to communicate in Chinese at a modest level in daily, academic and professional lives; Can manage most communication in Chinese when traveling in China.


Level 4 Part A



Level 4 Part B



Level 5 Part A



Level 5 Part B



Level 6 Part A



Level 6 Part B



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